Medical Device Marketing in 2022

Medical Device Marketing in 2022

A successful medical device marketing campaign should address problems your customers are facing and deliver value through the content you provide and the solutions you offer, then introducing your product or service.  Scientific data is then required to highlight issues and demonstrate your product performance. Finally, testimonials and recommendations reinforce our credibility.

However, you don’t have to make your marketing a sterile procedure everyone dreads to create and digest. Your customers are unique individuals with real issues and day-to-day challenges. Take the time to identify your market with more detail so you can contribute to the solution while growing your business.

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Here are a few tips we’ve learned launching several successful healthcare technology marketing campaigns:

Healthcare Technology Marketing

1. Define your Customers

Notice the “S” in customers. That’s the hard part. You most likely have many different types of buyers, from doctors to procurement companies to dealers and other end users. You must define each of them individually before you get started. When you focus on one individual customer type at a time, you’ll make better connections and create long term relationships. Buyer Personas help you create organize and provide the basic framework of each customer type.

2. Ask Google First

Why assume what people are looking for when there are tools to find out. The Google AdWords keyword tool provides you with a relative number of people who search for certain keywords every month.

Occasionally a client will be focused on one keyword while their market is focused on another, missing their opportunity to be found.

Using keyword search tools give you a glimpse of what is happening in the market and what the demand is like for you and your competitors.

3. Keep Your Messaging Simple

When you are creating your healthcare technology marketing collateral, be specific about the issue and talk directly to your customer. Speak to the problems you help solve  and the steps you want your audience to take. Then introduce specifications, use cases, case studies and credibility-building testimonials.

4. Avoid “Best in the Industry” Healthcare Mumbo Jumbo

Of course your product is the best, most excellent, revolutionary, second generation version of all your competitors. But using these words are almost powerless. How do these descriptions address your customers problems? It does nothing but add layers that distract from your purpose of adding value.

5. Make Your Scientific Data Available

Make your testing and scientific data available, everywhere you are. Don’t make your customers dig through other websites to find testing data or even worse, not have it available at all. Have basic product datasheets for each product in PDF format. Make it easy to read for your customer to download, read, and e-mail to key decision makers.

6. Make Shopping Easy for Long Sales Cycles

Provide web content and downloadable PDFs for all levels of your customers’s sales cycle. Provide How-to Guides and Product Comparisons to save them the time of collecting all this info from Google. Add FAQ’s to your website and common answers to your customers questions. They are asking all kinds of questions all the time.

7. Utilize Facebook & YouTube Video Formats

It’s a given you must have a video in 2018, YouTube is still the #2 search engine next to Google. But keep in mind the context of the video and the platform it lives on.

YouTube is ideal for How-To or educational video formats, sometimes long-form. Use YouTube to break down issues and answers your customers questions.

Facebook Video is delivered within their daily news feed and should appeal to the personal side of your solution. Facebook is a much more emotional context than the learning environment on YouTube. News-style, square videos are an excellent format for showcasing interesting products and gaining user engagement.

8. Discover Social Media for Healthcare

A vast majority of healthcare professionals use social media to stay in touch with news or connect with friends. It is where word-of-mouth marketing happens.

Facebook advertising is highly effective for healthcare technology marketing. With Facebook pixels, goal conversions and lookalike audiences, you have the ability to match your e-mail list or website traffic with other users that may be interested in your solution. It is a cost efficient way to reach many more customer.

9. Live Chat on your Website

Why wouldn’t you be available for a question when someone has  found your website and is interested in your product. Take a look at chat systems like Drift or Intercom. These systems are easy-to-use, out of the box. And you can use your phone – as easy as texting. Live chat engages you with your customers when they’re ready to talk.

10. Email Campaigns that Teach, NOT Newsletters

Monthly newsletters are glossed over daily because they don’t help the reader. Email campaigns should direct users to a blog post or something they would enjoy learning about.

Choose a blog post on your website and create an email campaign to drive people to your website. Make sure the graphic is simple and the copy is short within the email. If they’re interested in the topic you are addressing, they will click.

Your Responsibility

Your healthcare product or solution has the potential to help a lot of people. It could improve our overall quality of care and make the world a better place. Your medical device marketing messaging, approach and creative are vital to gaining the attention of the right person at the right time and building those relationships needed to make this happen.

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