Healthcare Marketing COVID-19

The Marketing Agency Role in a New Normal of Healthcare Marketing

COVID-19 has brought a lot of challenges to B2B marketers. Whether you’re a medical association, manufacturer or healthcare provider, in March of 2020 you went into a new school for B2B marketing. You learned daily, you adopted virtual meetings in some way, you found ways to reach your audience, and you re-invented your marketing strategy.

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We had clients in the right place and the right time for PPE sales – increasing their revenue by 10x. We had other clients who had to shut down due to elective surgery restrictions. Our medical association clientele found opportunities to better serve their members by sharing information through successful webinars.

Everyone was taking each step carefully during the first few weeks to ensure we acknowledged the crisis in front of everyone, then we took action. Everything went virtual, but the strategy just got more focused.

Stay the Course

Patients and healthcare buyers are searching for answers in a rapidly evolving marketplace. Google makes it possible to find and shop for providers and healthcare products or services before ever interacting with you. You must provide the right content to the right person at the right time. It is not enough to post limited information about your practice or product, you must connect with your audience on the topics they are researching to help solve the issues they are challenged with.

Consumers are researching healthcare providers and booking appointments online. You should not rely on appointment scheduling services when you have the power to add this functionality to your website. There are a host of appointment booking systems out there such as

Buyers are comparing medical devices online before contacting manufacturers. Gone are the days of having a data sheet posted and a phone number to call. You have the opportunity to build trust through the information you provide in advance of any customer or patient interaction. Why not save everyone’s time and empower your customer to make educated decisions?

What is Healthcare Marketing in 2020?

Healthcare marketing enables healthcare systems, medical manufacturers, associations, and physician groups to increase their visibility, acquire patients and build relationships with their prospects online using social media, email marketing, and online advertising.

Your potential patient or buyer is looking for the experience of your practice or product. They have to connect with you or your product through your branded content and visuals to empower the user to take additional steps in their journey to booking an appointment with your practice or inquiring about your product or service.

Through a digital strategy combining content, social media, search engine optimization, online advertising, and website user experience, organizations can attract an audience, connecting and communicating directly with buyers and patients. Your advertising is no longer one direction, it must open conversations and make calls-to-action to engage and build relationships.

With a well-defined mission and goals in place, a good healthcare marketing campaign can deliver important messaging and track its effectiveness with analytics. Marketing is most valuable when you can identify what’s working and why. Using Google Analytics or third-party apps to track the effectiveness of your campaigns is critical.

Why Healthcare Marketing?

Healthcare marketing is important for sustainable growth in an ever-changing industry. Advertising has changed and it is no longer your only option to building your business. Good marketing doesn’t happen overnight, but it also does not disappear when you stop advertising. Your goal should be to create long-lasting relationships through content, developed by yourself, or subject matter experts, that users are able to find and gain knowledge from.

With an effective healthcare marketing campaign, you have the opportunity to communicate your unique values, service offerings, and product differentiation. It is more important than ever to communicate who you are as well as what you do or offer. Consumers and patients seek a fit with the brand or practice before interacting or booking an appointment.

Creating a conversation with your audience helps build long term relationships with new patients or customers and helps them discover your brand throughout typical long sales cycles. With social media channels, email, and search engine optimization, you can answer important questions and be available to provide knowledge through a blog post.

Healthcare Marketing Examples

Buzzbox Media has created long-term relationships with surgical associations, innovative health tech manufacturers, and industry-leading dental labs. We understand the b2b and b2c healthcare environment and help our clients increase product sales, association memberships and conference attendance. 

Introducing Health Tech Products to Doctors

If you have an innovative product that is early to the market, you must tell a story and create a bridge between what your audience is looking for and the optimal solution you have to offer. There is an audience out there looking for something, but you must connect with what they’re looking for before you can introduce them to something better. If you’re launching a product to a saturated market, you must tell a unique story and provide the right information at the right time.

INFAB is the world’s most protective, comfortable, stylish radiation protection solution for doctors and technicians. They provide the world’s top hospitals with an innovative suite of protective apparel and equipment, which not only prolongs the careers of a variety of operating room and veterinarian healthcare staff, but improves the quality of life for patients through reducing the impact of medical radiation. 

Buzzbox Media helped brand INFAB to make a connection with an audience of doctors and technicians who were seeking knowledge on radiation and the best ways to avoid the effects of radiation, as well as the effects of heavy lead. Through their youtube channel, website, blog, and social media channels, Buzzbox helped drive their keyword positioning and overall sales.  

Dental Marketing to Dentists

A good brand for your business reflects your core values and attracts the right audience for your practice, product or organization. A brand encompasses everything from your logo to your website, social media, brochures, programs, or email campaigns. Taking a fresh approach to all of your collateral and messaging can get the attention of the audience you’re looking for. 

daVinci Dental Studios,,, and were seeking a new look for a brand ripe for a refresh. These brands were established in the industry but required a fresh approach to online marketing. 

Buzzbox created dental guides, special coupon offers, and starter kits as well as each of their new websites to relaunch their new strategies for servicing dentists with implants, veneers, dentures and full restoration cosmetic dentistry.

Increasing Membership for Medical Associations

Marketing membership and events start with discovering the values and connecting with the individual. Medical associations are designed to empower their members through education, content, and connections. When designing for and promoting large scale conferences, congresses, and continuing education, you must keep your brand consistent and message clear on all pieces of collateral.

AAGL is the leading association promoting minimally invasive gynecologic surgery among surgeons worldwide. Throughout the year they provide members with a medical journal, regular communication of world-wide industry news, continuing education events, as well as an annual global congress

Buzzbox Media designed and promoted the 2019 and 2020 Global Congress on Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgeons. From brand development and show graphics to the microsite and social media promotion, Buzzbox created the look for the congress and increased registration through innovative digital marketing strategies.

Launching HIPAA Compliant Teledentistry SASS

Software as a service is changing the healthcare industry, including the dental market. Launching a healthcare SASS platform can seem like an uphill battle and can require a lot of advertising dollars over a long period of time to create adaption. However, the best thing you can do for your future user is to answer all of his or her questions about your solution in advance. More importantly, you need to attract this potential user and ensure they reach their first Aha moment.

Denteractive is the first HIPAA compliant messaging system for dentists and patients. It allows patients to book an online consultation with a dentist and use video conferencing to meet their dentist through an app. This is especially convenient for emergency dental visits, preventing and potentially advising patient situations.

As Teledentistry is becoming more common and supported by insurance companies, more and more patients are choosing to connect with a dentist and schedule follow up in-person visits.

Buzzbox Media helped launch this SASS platform to a dental market through research and discovery of the emerging Teledentistry market. Teledentistry was a new concept and dentists were looking for information to integrate into their practice. Buzzbox published blog posts and designed a Teledentistry Guide to help guide dentists down this path while introducing Denteractive as the platform to get started. The digital campaign was effective and created a buzz, attracting industry trade magazines and online dental communities to interview the founders, creating viral attention.

Healthcare Marketing Agency Portfolio

Case Study: INFAB, the leader in radiation safety apparel and barriers for interventional radiologists.

Case Study: daVinci Dental Studios, the world’s leading dental lab for cosmetic dentistry.